The Complete Guide to Selling


In today’s business environment, selling etiquette matters! Customers want to work with sales professionals they genuinely like, and more importantly, sales professionals they can trust. How can you build genuine, trusting relationships with customers? Through selling etiquette, of course!

The Complete Guide to Selling Etiquette-2
This guide shares 5 useful tips to help you master selling etiquette and build long-term relationships with customers for lasting success!
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In this e-book you'll learn:
  • The importance of first impressions in developing long-term customer relationships.
  • How to build interdependent relationships instead of dependent relationships.
  • Why trust matters and what you should do to establish trust with your customers.
  • How to identify four different customer buying styles and adjust your approach depending on your customers' styles.
  • LAER: The Bonding Process® as a means to show your customers that you care.
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