Organizational Alignment

Trying to accomplish a project as a team when not everyone is on the same page can be frustrating. Does your organization suffer from misalignment? Do your employees “do their own thing” without an understanding of how what they do in their job affects fellow team members or other departments within the organization? 

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Define an organizational culture, and get your entire organization on the same page with Carew's  Excellence in Professional Communicationtraining program.

Organizational misalignment can be costly for a company. Without alignment, efforts are duplicated, projects are delayed, and people start to point fingers and place blame rather than working as an organized, cohesive team. Projects go much more smoothly when team members understand where others are coming from and have a shared sense of accountability and vision.

Breaking down the silos in your organization is the first step to creating alignment among your team members. Whether it’s a particular department in your organization, or your organization as a whole that suffers from misalignment, Carew has training programs to help you break down the barriers and establish a common language and shared sense of direction on your team.

Turn the chaos on your team into collaboration, and improve your bottom-line, with Carew’s programs for organizational alignment:

Inspiring Trust and Building Commitment (ITBC)

ITBC is an employee development program designed for customer service teams. It improves the communication skills and strategic focus necessary for building productive relationships within your organization.

Dimensions of Professional Selling® (DPS)

DPS is designed to get your sales team sharing a common sales language and methodology. When every member of your sales team follows the same process, you create a professional sales force capable of growing sales!

Excellence in Professional Communication (EPC)

EPC is an internal communication program that focuses on holistic organizational alignment. EPC results in a defined organizational culture and increased productivity throughout your organization.