Shortening the Sales Cycle

Very few sales professionals wish to extend the sales cycle. In fact, most sales professionals strive to find ways to shorten the sales cycle. After all, the more quickly a sale is closed, the sooner your sales team can move on to other promising leads in their funnels, and the more likely your team is to achieve its revenue goal.

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Carew's Dimensions of Professional Selling®  sales training program can help your team uncover and close more opportunities in a shorter amount of time!

Many sales professionals and managers will search for the key to shortening the sales cycle to no avail. Why is the goal of shortening the sales cycle such a frustrating and elusive one to achieve? Because, ultimately, it is the customer who sets the pace of the sale.

But there is a secret to shortening the sales cycle that places the pace of the sale more in the sales professional’s control. What’s the secret? Preferred Position and strong customer relationships, of course!

Shorten the Sales Cycle with Dimensions of Professional Selling® 

Carew’s Dimensions of Professional Selling® (DPS) sales training program teaches sales professionals how to build customer relationships that stand the test of time and sell on value so that they become the only choice for their customers, now and into the future.



With the proper relationship-building skills, and a positioning tool that arms them with a no-nonsense strategy for deepening their position in client organizations, your sales professionals will be able uncover and close new opportunities in much shorter time!

Shorten the sales cycle and increase your sales team’s chances of exceeding its revenue goal with Dimensions of Professional Selling!