Carew's Virtual Training Programs

Although we remain steadfast in our belief that in-person, experiential training programs are the best way to change selling behaviors, we understand there can be a need for alternative training methods.

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It can be hard to keep your sales team’s goals and business objectives on track when you are strapped by budget or travel concerns, or you can't afford to take your team out of the field. At Carew, we stand ready to help you achieve your sales goals despite any obstacle.

Virtual Training by Carew International

Carew's training programs are offered virtually via Zoom video conferencing. The Zoom platform, combined with our world-class facilitation team, allows us to uphold the standard of engagement and experience our customers have come to expect from our training programs.




With Carew’s virtual training programs, you’ll get the same renowned training without travel.

Key Features of Carew's Virtual Training Programs:

  • Facilitator and participant videos.
  • Breakout groups for skill practice & team activities.
  • Interactive tools and on-the-job assignments. 
  • On-site, 1.5 day training reinforcement session available.

Benefits of Carew's Virtual Training Programs:

  • Increased opportunity for live, personal feedback and coaching on accounts your sales professionals are currently working.
  • Smaller class size for a more personalized training experience.
  • No associated travel costs.
  • Training materials shipped directly to you prior to training. 


Carew's Virtual Training Programs

Dimensions of Professional Selling® Virtual Training (DPS-V) 

Dimensions of Professional Selling® is our flagship sales training program. In DPS-V, participants experience the same content that is covered in our in-person DPS workshops - without the travel! Participants will engage in interactive activities, exercises and conversations with fellow participants and Carew's world-renowned facilitators. An added value of our DPS-V workshops are on-the-job assignments between instructor-led sessions with personal coaching and feedback. 

Our standardized Dimensions of Professional Selling Virtual Training program is a one-week virtual workshop consisting of two, 2.5-hour (maximum) sessions per day, but can be customized to meet your team's specific needs. 

*Includes training materials shipped directly to you

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Invest in the Relationship Virtual Training (IR-V) 

In the current environment characterized by business uncertainty from COVID-19, it can be hard to know what strategic actions to take to keep your sales team motivated and on track to reach their goals. At Carew, we strongly believe in the power of customer relationships to create lasting sales success. At no time are customer relationships more important than in times of uncertainty and crisis. 

In this half-day virtual workshop, we cover Carew's interpersonal selling models and discuss strategies for handling objections that your team may not be used to hearing. The result is a sales team who is prepared to build strong customer relationships and keep sales moving forward, particularly in times of business uncertainty. 

*Includes an e-book and personalized communication assessment


Excellence in Sales Leadership™ Virtual Training (ESL-V)

Excellence in Sales Leadership™ is our flagship sales leadership development program. In ESL-V, participants experience the same content that is covered in our in-person ESL workshops - without the travel! ESL-V is designed to transform sales managers to sales leaders. Participants learn how to motivate their team, create an environment for success, get the most out of individual temperaments and talent, manage performance and foster professional development among their staff. 

*Includes training materials shipped directly to you